Customer information on choosing a genuine locksmith company

Hi my name is Callum I own CVC locksmiths and security in west Lothian area in scotland.  I take great pride in doing a skilled job that I have trained and qualified in. I have been in business for 4 years and always ensure to be fairly priced and do a good job. Sadly in this industry there are people making websites in their homes claiming to be locksmiths. They pay Google lots of money each day to stay on the top of google search engines so when you type in locksmith the top searches usually have AD written in green at the side of the advertisement. Some off theese companies are based in London and basically over charge the customer and then call a local locksmith to do the job while they get paid for doing nothing . When searching for a locksmith take 5 minutes to do a bit research to see if they are local by checking they have a location go into their website check do they have an address if its london or England  you can be sure they aint local and there is a possibility you might pay more than you should be. please safe guard yourself from fraudulent companies by using local locksmiths . Thank you Callum owner at CVC locksmiths and security